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Set arbaleta compound EK Archery Guillotine Camo

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SET X-BOW Guillotine - 400 fps / 185 lbs

The guillotine is the overwhelming new top model from X-BOW and convinces all along the line. The compact state-of-the-art design as well as the performance, with 185 lbs draw weight and speeds up to 400 fps, are unbeatable in this price segment. The first X-BOW model to come is the Guillotine with the new ultra-light Silent-Tech Riser, which makes the crossbow much less top-heavy. In addition, the crossbow does not need the usual foot stirrup, as the riser (crossbow head) is equipped with a step-through function.

Draw weight: 185 lbs
Arrow speed: 400 fps / 440 km/h
Powerstroke: 14.5"
Range/target accuracy: 80 - 120 m
Trigger weight: 3lbs

Length: approx. 94 cm
Width: approx. 44 cm
Width (stretched): approx. 33cm
Weight: 3.85 kg

Color: Black / Grey

- Noise level: quiet
- Trigger protection: yes (US patent)
- Dry fire protection: yes (US patent)
- Picatinny rail

- Rail: aluminium
- Limbs: high-tech fibreglass with special alloy
- Shaft and handle: plastic

Delivery contents:
Crossbow Guillotine
Mounting quiver
Shoulder strap
3x 20" carbon bolt
String wax

  • Putere incarcare:
    185 lbs
  • Viteza sagetii:
    400 fps
  • Model:
  • Lungime sageata:
    20 inch (51 cm)
  • Culoare:
  • Recomandata pentru:
    Vanatoare Tir sportiv
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Set arbaleta compound EK Archery Guillotine Camo

EK Archery Guillotine este ultimul model lansat de producatorul chinez, cu o multitudine de imbunatatiri si o viteza extraordinara. Cursa de rulare a sagetii Silent Tech Riser, este realizata dintr-un aluminiu cu o duritate crescuta, camele au fost redesenate pentru o viteza de 400 fps, iar sprijinul pentru picior este acum inclus in corpul arbaletei.


Setul include arbaleta echipata cu un sistem de ochire tip luneta 4×32, tolba de sageti impreuna cu 3 sageti din carbon si mecanism de incarcare tip franghie.


Acuratete de tragere la distante de 80-90 metri.